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1. What is MassZymes?

    MassZymes is a high quality supplement that uses natural ingredients to improve your digestion.
   Its main goal is to provide a large amount of enzymes that are best suited to your digestive system.
   Provides nourishing muscle growth and development, quick and healthy recovery after the body is fully absorbed all the nutrients, protein from food.

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    Masszymes are powerful protein digesting enzymes that help the body absorb all the protein that we have ingested.
   This is the work of a vegetarian bodybuilder named Wade Lightheart and scientists specializing in the enzyme that created the recipe. 
   Wade accidentally found this out when he first used the enzyme in Hospital for better protein absorption.

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2 .Enzyme formula:

   This powerful enzyme formula was discovered by three-time bodybuilder Wade T. Lightheart, who is a vegetarian.
    He collaborated with a research group at BiOptimizers. A well-known name in the BiOptimizers industry,
 after having successfully launched kApex, Magnesium Breakthrough, HCL Breakthrough, and many other dietary supplements.

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masszymes1 - MASSZYMES help digest Protein

created to complement our health and our daily lives.
    Wade came up with this formula by accident when he started using medical enzymes to absorb proteins.
    He saw that in order to fully and completely absorb protein into the body, protease is required, an
enzyme that breaks down proteins into amino acids for absorption.
    Therefore, a supplement containing many enzymes that are intended to break down proteins under different digestive conditions has been prepared.

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3. Ingredients contained in MassZymes:

     Comprised of 15 ingredients, used to break down proteins and aid in better absorption of protein with other nutrients.
     These ingredients include:
   Astrazyme. Three-phase protease. Protease 3.0. Protease 4.5. Peptidase. Protease 6.0. Enzyme mixture. Alpha-galactosidase. Bromelain. Amylase. Malt diastase. Yeast lactase. Lipase. Invertase. Glucoamylase. Phytase. Pectinase. Hemicellulase and Beta Glucanase.

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P3-OM PROBIOTICS  protects the intestinal tract
HCl BREAKTHROUGH  digestion detoxification
GLUTEN GUARDIAN  absorbs nutrients
KAPEX  Digests fat
MAGNESIUM BREAKTHROUGH  supports digestion
COGNIiBIOTICS  helps the mind stay awake
CONSTICLEANSE  clean digestion

  - Protease is a very important ingredient found in MassZymes. It is an enzyme, it is important to break down protein into amino acids in our body for easy absorption and then to provide muscle growth.

 - Peptidase is a protease variant that is also involved in protein breakdown. These proteins are broken down into peptides and amino acids by hydrolysis.

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 - Amylase is an enzyme found in our bodies, in other words, in human saliva and pancreatic juice. It nourishes starches by breaking them down into a sugar called maltose, which helps the body digest and recover energy from the carbs we eat from bread, pasta, rice ...

 - Bromelain is another protein-digesting
enzyme produced from pineapple.
   This is a very powerful enzyme that not only helps us to digest protein but also strengthens our immune system, is resistant to any inflammation in our body, and even it is like a normal decongestant.

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Alpha-galactosidase -We will find Alpha-galactosidase in formulas to reduce flatulence and bloating. It's the main effect of the enzyme.
    To that end, Alpha-galactosidase breaks down the troublesome carbs that are always in our diets.

 - Glucoamylase it is the same as one of the
enzymes we analyzed above - amylase. Like amylase, glucoamylase also breaks down starches into sugars for easier absorption in our bodies.

 - Lactase is an
enzyme, produced in the lining of the small intestine, to simply break down lactose into sugars than glucose and galactose.

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 - Lipase is created during fat breakdown. It is produced naturally by the pancreas, it works very tightly alone, along with bile secreted from the gallbladder, to digest fats.

 - Invertase is an important
enzyme in the process of breaking down sugars into simpler sugars like fructose and glucose for our bodies to be easily absorbed.

 - Malt diastase produced during starch breakdown, it works together with amylase and glucoamylase.

 - Phytase - Thanks to phytase, phytate acid, which is a very indigestible organic phosphorus, can be broken down, then used properly.

     Since our bodies cannot make this important enzyme, we must absorb it with food and supplements.

 - Pectinase helps to break down pectin, thus making juice a lot easier.

 - Hemicellulose - As we can see, hemicellulose is an
enzyme whose only action is to break down hemicellulose.
      Hemicellulose has been found in grains, and it needs this important enzyme to be easily digested and absorbed.

 - Beta-glucans, found in brewer's yeast, mushrooms, oats, barley, etc. Digested with absorption in the body, thanks to an enzyme called beta-glucanase.

 - AstraZyme - Very important, it blends
enzymes in protein breakdown, thus enhancing the absorption of amino acids and peptides for our body.

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4. Usage and dosage:

    What we eat is very important, but it digests only a portion.
  Therefore, we should find ways to put more digestive enzymes in, to help the digestive system break down properly, then fully absorb all the nutrients in the food.
    It is noteworthy that enzymes can build and nourish muscle        Masszymes introduce enzymes into the body that break down amino acids so that they are appropriately absorbed.
     absorb other nutrients such as glucose and glucosamine,
  create more energy, improve joint health. Heals stomach lining, helps restore health.
     Then the stomach lining will absorb nutrients more efficiently when it works properly.

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  How to use:

     MassZymes supplements are designed to be taken with meals and drinking water to provide additional protein to the body.
     It also comes in capsule form, for convenience every day. 
    We can buy a bottle of 30 pills, 120 tablets or 250 pills, depending on our choice.

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mz variation 2 - MASSZYMES help digest Protein

     Take three capsules with each meal. You should also take 1-2 capsules with a snack between meals.
     So we will take 5-11 tablets per day, drinking more water will achieve the best results.
    should drink every time we are eating and between meals, eating in moderation will make it work best.

     Drink plenty of water and get enough rest to give your body time to recover.

        Where should I buy the product?

      Of course, everyone wants to buy genuine quality products, look for reputable stores or clear websites,
    websites that have at least been trading a few times.
    Or you can also order from this website because it will take you to the production place so you can be completely assured.

           Buying items at this Website will:
- Refund 3 times if found counterfeit, poor quality.
- Get a product consultant
- Deliver products to your hands.